Taiwan has achieved a remarkable, peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy since the lift of martial law in 1987. At the same time, after the 1990s, the greater Taipei area began to emerge as a node in the global urban network. Societal modernization and rapid urbanization shaped the face of Taiwan´s capital city, resulting in a rather complex urban environment that shows a close proximity between the modern and the traditional.

Today, Taipei is one of Asia´s most cosmopolitan, progressive and open-minded places, but the city is facing old and new challenges: Political legacies from the White Terror era, a growing social inequality, and the unresolved cross-strait conflict which threatens the city´s liberal atmosphere, as well as the democratic rights of its citizens.

„Postsadness Taipei“ is a documentary project using photography along with text to capture Taipei´s ongoing change amidst an authoritarian past and an uncertain future. It explores the interplay between social and urban transformation.