Sandra Köstler is a photographer who explores space as a social, political and emotional category. Her work is grounded in location, it is based on an intense immersion into a place and its atmosphere. She is especially interested in making sense of the changing perceptions and meanings of our physical surroundings.

Sandra has an academic background in sociology and media theory, she received her PhD from Bielefeld university. Besides her artistic work, she is involved in interdisciplinary projects that combine a visual approach with research or teaching.


2020    The Dérive Series, TEN Gallery Mannheim (solo)

2018    原創基地節, Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei with Postsadness Taipei book

2018    Photobook Exhibition at Athens Photo Festival with Postsadness Taipei book

2017    HOCHSTRASSE, Stadtmuseum Ludwigshafen (group)

2016    I call it a Place, OFF//FOTO Festival (solo)

2016    Postsadness Taipei, RAW Gallery Mannheim (solo)


R3, 13     68161 Mannheim