Sandra Köstler is a documentary photographer who explores man-made environments. Her work is rooted in the intense immersion in a place while tracing its political, social and emotional dimensions that shape our experience. Most of her projects deal with the continuous transformation of cities and landscapes.

Sandra received a PhD in sociology from Bielefeld University, had dropped out of science afterwards, but still has a strong interest in urban and media theory which often influences her photographic practice. She also works as a writer and teaches workshops about documentary photography.

Currently, Sandra is based in Mannheim, Germany.


2018   Photobook Exhibition at Athens Photo Festival with Postsadness Taipei

2017   HOCHSTRASSE – über Ludwigshafen, Stadtmuseum Ludwigshafen (group)

2016   I call it a Place, OFF//FOTO Festival (solo)

2016   Postsadness Taipei, RAW Gallery Mannheim (solo)


R3, 13   68161 Mannheim